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Get started with Arthur Scope using one our many examples

Throughout our website, documentation, public GitHub, and YouTube channel, we are dedicated to providing useful and intuitive examples of how to use the Arthur platform.

Core Example Groups: We have broken out our core examples resources into four sections:

Interested in something else?: Here are some of our other most commonly referred to references:


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Model Onboarding

Getting Started - Quickstart Guides

ExampleResource Page
Quickstart (Tabular)Quickstart
Quickstart NLPNLP Onboarding
Quickstart Computer VisionCV Onboarding
Quickstart Generative Text (LLM)Generative Text
Onboarding Model with APIRegistering A Model with the API

Model Input / Output Type

Model TypeBatchStreaming
Tabular Binary ClassificationCredit Risk Batch ExampleCredit Risk Example
Tabular Multi-class Classification
Tabular RegressionBoston Housing Example
NLP Binary Classification
NLP Multi-class ClassificationMedical Transcript Example
NLP Regression
NLP - Generative Text (LLM)OpenAI Examples
CV Binary ClassificationSatelite Image ExampleCancer Classification Example
CV Multi-class Classification
CV Regression
CV Object DetectionMars Rover Example
Time Series Ranked List (Recommender System)

Partnerships and Integrations

NameResource Page
Spark MLSpark ML
SageMaker Data CaptureSageMaker

Extra Model Onboarding Tutorials

NameDescriptionResource Page or Notebook
Testing Arthur Explainer LocallyBefore enabling explainability, teams can test their explainer locally. Ensure that it will work when onboarded to Arthur.Test Explainability Locally
Connecting Arthur Model Object in NotebookTeams must first connect to the Arthur platform to run any functionality in a notebook.Creating a Connection to Arthur
Onboarding Historical Data to ArthurWant to backfill your new model on Arthur with existing data? Onboard historical inferencesSending Historical Data
Model VersioningExample of creating mutliple model versionsModel Versioning Notebook

Notebook Tutorials

Metrics and Alerting

Create Custom Metrics in a NotebookComing Soon
Create Custom Alerts in a NotebookComing Soon
Deleting Alerts in a NotebookComing Soon


Bias MitigationRun our bias mitigation enrichment in a notebookBias Mitigation Notebook

Querying Guides

NameDescriptionNotebook or Resource Page
Query Guide NotebookOverview of querying in a notebookQuery Jumpstart Notebook
Querying ExplainabilityQuery multiple levels of explainability in a notebookQuerying Explainability
Querying Data DriftQuery data drift comparing different distributionsQuery Data Drift