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Service Now Integration Guide

With the Arthur + ServiceNow integration, you can set up email automation to notify on-call teams in ServiceNow of alerts Arthur triggers. To set up this integration, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up your email integration in ServiceNow

An inbound email action in ServiceNow can be configured to receive Arthur alerts and create incidents in response to those alerts. Please see the ServiceNow Email Actions Guide for details on how to do this. Once you have set up an email action to handle incoming Arthur alerts and generate incidents from those alerts, retrieve the ServiceNow instance email address for Step 2.

Step 2: Configure your integration in Arthur

To configure the ServiceNow integration for a model in Arthur, you can send a POST request to the/alert_notification_configurations.

  • model_id - UUID of the model this alert notification configuration belongs to.
  • type - Type of notification to send. In this case, "ServiceNow".
  • destination - The integration email address obtained in Step 1.
  • enabled - Whether or not the notification configuration is enabled. It defaults to true.

Example Query Request:

    "model_id" : "<model_id> [string]",
    "type" : "[ServiceNow]",
    "destination" : "<[email protected]> [string]",

For more information on alert notifications, please see the notifications section of the Alerting page.

Step 3: Start monitoring!

Your integration is now ready to use! When an alert is triggered in Arthur for this model, an incident will be created in your ServiceNow instance.